Are You Planning to Fit Out a New Kitchen?

Are you planning to install a brand new kitchen in your home? If so, you have come to the right place. Are you planning to install the new kitchen by yourself or hire a kitchen designer for the project? How long does it take to install a new kitchen in your home? Will you be looking into granite or Dekton worktops? In fact, one of the most important things is to organise your schedules. The time taken for the project will depend on the size of the new kitchen and the complexity of the installation.


You should be prepared to live without a kitchen for some time. The length of time it takes to install the new kitchen could be affected by your own preparation. If you decide to seal off the kitchen area and dedicate yourself to the refit, you can do it much sooner than performing the refit in stages. If you decide to work with a professional kitchen designer, they will guide you and even arrange for an alternative kitchen until the new kitchen is installed. In fact, your garage, study, or utility room can become your temporary kitchen for the time being.


None of us wants to feel like we are paying more for a product or service. But the budget shouldn’t be a masterclass in minimising spend either. You get what you pay for when investing in a new kitchen. In fact, if something is to last for many years to come and sustain heavy use at the same time, you should be willing to pay its worth. Clever budgeting means you set aside the right sum of money for the right things. If the cost of a new kitchen is a concern for you, try to save money by repurposing the cabinet structures in the old kitchen.


You need to schedule the kitchen installation project wisely to minimise the time it takes to fit the new kitchen in your home. The best time to plan for a new kitchen is during school holidays. It will help minimise the stress levels during a kitchen refit. Some people prefer to schedule the project for a longer period which runs alongside daily activities while some others prefer to have a shorter project that is dovetailed with removing the family members from the house on holidays.


Do you plan to change the structure of your existing kitchen? In fact, kitchen extensions involve structural changes since you may find the layout of the existing kitchen is entirely impractical. You can add a kitchen island for larger spaces which will really revolutionise your kitchen space and show off the quartz or granite countertops wonderfully. But you need to remember that the more structural changes involved in the project, the longer the project will take to complete. But if you are looking for the new kitchen that suits your lifestyle and habits, every additional hour taken for the project will be worth it.


The materials you choose for the new kitchen play an important part in the success of the project. You may have set your heart on an exclusive granite or marble for the kitchen. Make sure you check whether there is an unusual lead time on these materials. Granite and marble are stones that are naturally mined. Hence, you need to order them in time so that there is enough time to ship and cut the slab. Take advice from the suppliers when planning the project to avoid unnecessary delays to the project.


Select the contractors and suppliers based on their reputation instead of the prices they quote. Don’t forget to check testimonials although personal recommendations are ideal. The more you openly communicate with the suppliers and contractors, the less likely you are to experience misunderstandings and delays.

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