Best Bar in London For Christmas Drinks

Due to all of the restrictions, we are all feeling a little depressed about Covid-19. That makes us all the more eager to want to look ahead to planning our Christmas celebrations. The city of London is renowned for its scenic, beautiful winter scenes, with all of its festive lights, streets, and lively bars. After a fairly dull year caused by being stuck inside during a dreary lockdown, a warm and bright celebration in the capital city is just what is needed!

Brick Lane

The city of London is famous for its nightlife. Brick Lane for centuries has been renowned as being an area that features an eclectic mix of various immigrant communities. However, these days, Brick Lane is best known for providing among the most diverse cultural and artistic attractions in the city. These range from vintage clothing markets to street arts, and even some of London’s best bars. Brick Lane is basically the heart of the East End of London. Since the 1990s, it has become known as London’s cultural and alternative centre.

Highlights of Brick Lane

  • Look for Banksy street art.
  • Visit the Brick Lane Market to shop for organic produce, antique furniture, and vintage clothes.
  • Try out some curry at one of Brick Lane’s more than 50 curry restaurants (or if you just have time to check out one, make sure it is Aladdin – it is Prince Charles’ favourite).
  • At Backyard Market, buy some meat and organic produce.
  • Take photos at the photo booth at Rough Trade and search through Rough Trade East’s massive vinyl collection.
  • Visit 115B Brick Lane to take photos of the mushrooms by Christiaan Nagel.
  • Visit Brick Lane Gallery to check out the artwork by Sandra Mennant, David Shackleton, and Banksy.

Apples and Pears

This bar encompasses all of the beautiful and interesting things that people love about bars in Brick Lane: its uniqueness, quirks, art, and diverse cultures. When you are looking for a great location and want something special for your upcoming Christmas party, this is the place to go. Apples and Pears is located in the bustling and bright East End on Osborn Street, one street over from Brick Lane. This is a fun, independent cocktail bar that serves fabulous mixed drinks while introducing colourful ingredients and flavours. They offer a lively and eclectic music programme, ranging from 80s/90s party classics to old school hip hop, funk, and soul both during the week and on the weekends. This broad range of music can get everyone into high spirits!

Highlights of Apples and Pears:

  • Broad selection of unique cocktails.
  • Cocktail Specials Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Christmas drinks bookings.
  • The bar contains lots of lively pop and street style art.
  • Aesthetic, warm, chic, industrial feel (ideal for posts on Instagram).
  • Venue and private room hire (ideal for Christmas parties).
  • Excellent transport links.
  • A great place for getting together with friends or a date night.
  • Enclosed garden (good for safety during the pandemic).
  • DJ and wide range of music including old-school throwbacks.
  • Great pizza featured on the food menu.

Apples and Pears offers a great vibe due to its very friendly staff, interior decorations, and Reggie the owner who is very welcoming and pleasant. So if you are in search of some festive fun yet something a bit more quirky and less traditional this Christmas, then the perfect place for you is Apples and Pears.

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