Best Gloves For Christmas Gifts

It can be hard to know what to get when it comes to finding gifts for colleagues, friends, and the entire family. The following explains various kinds of gloves that are available, why gloves are such a good gift idea if you are stuck, and a reputable supplier that you can purchase great Christmas gifts from.

Why Do Gloves Make Such a Good Gift?

High-quality gloves are always needed, especially during the cold winter seasons. Simply put, everyone needs to have them. It is also not necessary for you to know someone really well to be able to choose a good pair of gloves for someone. Giving the gift of gloves is definitely better than giving the usual novelty socks that we all tend to get each year. Instead, you can opt for a simple pair of nice warm gloves, or you could go with something that fits with a person’s sense of style or clothes.

Chester Jefferies

This is a family-run business that offers a wide selection of bespoke gloves products. Chester Jefferies specialises in leather gloves. The company offers different types of gloves that anybody would need for various purposes and occasions. Chester Jefferies has been making high-quality gloves since 1936 in England. It offers winter gloves, driving gloves, men’s gloves, women’s gloves, and more.

Types of Gloves that Chester Jefferies Offers:


These types of gloves are all hand-sewn and hand-cut for the highest quality control. This is evident in the design and feel. These gloves are ideal for both formal and everyday wear and are available in various materials and colours.


The most long-lasting, and durable kinds of gloves that are offered by Chester Jefferies are leather gloves. They are ideal for anyone who wants to keep their hands warm and look dapper and smart at the same time. Bespoke changes are offered by Chester Jefferies on a majority of their products, so there are no limits on the colours that are available.


Chester Jefferies’ tweeed gloves offer bespoke finishing and ftting at wrist length for a snug fit. This also makes it easy to take these gloves off. The insulating and warm material is ideal for Winter and Autumn.

Motorcycle & Driving

The company’s driving gloves are styled perfectly for driving: crisp, clean, and short. They feature a large keyhole as well as perforation holes on back of the fingers and down the palm allow air to circulate around your hands. A smart and neat press stud ensures that the glove stays tightly fastened on the wrist.

Their motorcycling gloves provide great protection against the elements whilst also allowing comfort and total control. These gloves are very warm and feature an exterior zip, making them a popular option for motorcylists.

Wheelchair Gloves

Chester Jefferies has produced gloves over the years to suit the various needs of their customers. These include gloves for wheelchair users, those with complex deformities, and people with missing fingers. Chester Jefferies aims to be as inclusive as they possibly can to provide quality, comfortable gloves for everyone.

How To Choose the Right Size Gloves

Follow these basic steps to make sure you buy the perfect fit glove: relax your dominant hand and then use a tape measure to measure around your knuckles (except your thumb) in inches.

The size measured in inches, will be your glove size. Therefore, if you measured 9 inches, then you need to buy a medium glove. Keep in mind that if your gloves are too tight, they can cause your hands to feel cold, If you are not sure, go up one size.

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