Coronavirus Electrostatic Deep Clean Equipment

Introducing the most recent piece of equipment that can help you clean your premises, particularly during the situation we currently all find ourselves in during this unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Why it is Critical to Keep Up With Your Cleaning

So why should you be concerned about your cleaning tasks being overlooked? There must be more important things that need to be done, after all. You especially might feel that way during the middle of a hectic and busy working day. But take a moment to think about all of the benefits that can be provided by a well-structured and clean working environment. Your employees can enjoy better wellbeing and health and most likely will be much more productive as well. Your equipment and systems will work longer and better when they are not clogged with grime and in disarray. When visitors come to your office, a well-ordered and clean space can offer a great impression of your business. Keep in mind that cleaning on a regular basis is an incremental benefit. Therefore, your cleaning planning schedule is critical.

So what needs to be cleaned? Start by dividing your office space into various areas. That is an excellent way to ensure your cleaning tasks are focused so nothing gets overlooked. Currently the government recommends that workplaces not be closed, but encourages that remote working should be used wherever possible. So unless your staff has displayed symptoms, they should be free to work in your office. Businesses might decide to deep clean their premises when an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19. Or you might decide to deep clean your office for coronavirus purely as a precautionary measure. If your employees are working remotely, it is the perfect time to get a preventative deep clean scheduled. When you do this, once your staff goes back to the office, there will be a much lesser chance that a virus contamination resurgence will occur.

Electrostatic Spray

The process of electrostatic spray surface cleaning, or COVID mist cleaning, involves spraying chemical particles that are electrostatically charged. That allows a chemical mist to be sprayed onto objects and surfaces. A specialised solution is used by the electrostatic spray that is combined with air and is then atomised inside the sprayer by an electrode. The spray then contains positively charged particles that can adhere aggressively to objects and surfaces. Since these are positively charged particles inside the spray they coat and cling to whatever surface you aim it at.

The equipment cleans difficult to reach places and awkwardly shaped objects. Our thoroughly trained operator simply needs to point and then spray. The composition of the mist makes it possible to evenly coat surfaces and envelop objects – even when the mist is sprayed only from one side. Once the spray has been applied, a sanitising agent disinfects covered surfaces. That is why electrostatic is a great solution for contaminant and germ ridden spaces.

  • Reduces the amount of time needed to cover and disinfect hard-to-reach areas and all surfaces by 50% when compared to traditional methods.

Why Should You Use Our Electrostatic Cleaning Service?

  • Infection control is improved along with the spread of viruses like HIV, MRSA, influences and others which include the human coronavirus.
  • Chemicals are applied in a more controlled and efficient way which eliminates the potential dangers of overusing them.
  • Prevents expensive financial burners that contagious healthcare infections are associated with.
  • For walls, floors, and desktops that must be completely spotless, the best option to use is electrostatic spray cleaning. The same is true for difficult to reach places and areas that are heavily trafficked to provide the most comprehensive method for removing dirt and germs.
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