Design Concepts And Ideas For Your New Bespoke Bathroom

One of the most important rooms in your entire house is the bathroom. If you would like to totally redesign your bathroom and breathe fresh air into it, then you need to make sure it is going to meet all of your needs. Below we will be exploring some concepts and tips for your new bespoke bathroom design.

Mosaics and Large Tiles

Not only is tile practical, but it also helps to create an overall look for your bathroom. If you want a natural look, floor and concrete wall tiles are popular choices. Big wall tiles help to make small rooms appear larger and mosaics provide a splash of added colour to make things really pop.

Traditional Bathroom Décor That Complements the Rest Of Your Home

If you have a picturesque cottage, Victorian townhouse, period property, or have chosen to use classic quartz stone or an antiquated design style throughout your house, may want to have a traditional bathroom to tie it all together. The best practice is usually to keep your design consistent and to create a sense of unity and balance throughout your entire home. Your home’s design can feel disjointed without this cohesion.

Starting with your flooring, when you use traditional Victorian materials, it can give the room an immediate antique feel. Laminates and solid wood are normally not well-suited for bathrooms since humidity can quickly cause the material to discolour and warp. However, there are some hardwoods that can be used, and it can potentially be a good design option. Consult with a fitter or manufacturer first to ensure that it is a suitable material for your bathroom.

Lighting is Critical

When it comes to lighting for your bathroom, get creative. To light up either your vanity or sink, install shelf lighting. Different coloured lights can be used in a backlit mirror and you can hang pendants over a bath. Around the shower, you can use LED strip lights.

Floating vanity

To help make a small bathroom appear larger, carefully consider your bathroom furniture choices. A floating vanity can trick the eye, and make the room look more spacious. It can also give a modern feel to your bathroom.

Smart storage

It is important to consider how the bathroom space is going to be used by your family. A major aspect of this is the ability to store items in a practical and easy way. Some of the best options include having shelving installed around your shower and sink, under vanity storage, and floor to ceiling cupboards.

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How A New Bathroom Can Provide Your Home with A Modern Touch

If your home has a more open-plan design or you are not really into traditional styles, you may want to give your bathroom a more contemporary feel. Installing a wet room is a good way to achieve this.

Wetrooms make a big impact on your home. It is a type of space that exudes modern design, luxuriousness, and style. This year, it has also been one of the top bathroom trends.

They are quite practical in addition to looking very stylish. A wetroom provides your children and people who have difficulties getting around with accessible shower space. A wetroom has a floor that is slip-resistant and level, which reduces the chances of accidents occurring. For those who have a hard time getting in and out of a shower or bath, they just have to walk into the wetroom.

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