How To Safely Hire A Nanny During Coronavirus

For many people, hiring a nanny is essential in order for them to work and get their responsibilities completed. They know that the value of a nanny is very important. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, people are hiring nannies to help them with their children and around the house. They must know how to go about hiring a nanny, using a nanny payroll system, so that they are protecting themselves and others from the virus.

Are Nannies Allowed To Work During The Pandemic?

Yes, they are allowed to work during the pandemic as long as neither household has the virus. If there are members in the household, they need to self-isolate so that they are not spreading the germs. This type of advice pertains to all levels of COVID-19.

Safely Getting To Work

When a person is going to be a nanny during the pandemic, they are advised to drive, walk, or cycle to the home rather than to take public transportation. If they must take public transportation, they will need to make sure that they are following all of the safety requirements so that they can avoid getting COVID-19. Some families are deciding to drive their nanny to and from their home on their own so that they can avoid having any problems with the nanny getting exposed to the virus.

Ideas For Working Safely In The Home

There are many ways that people can protect themselves from the virus in the home. Here are some of them that will really help when people are using a nanny:

Social Distancing

Practicing social distancing is important. This does not pertain when they are dealing with the children.

Washing Hands

People should wash their hands regularly. They will want to wash them for 20 seconds.

Clean Objects

This includes door handles, kitchen items, and toys. They can use normal cleaning products for this purpose.

Keeping Inside Doors Open

They can keep the inside doors open. This will allow them to have very little contact with the door.

Good Ventilation

Having good ventilation is important. Getting fresh air whenever possible is recommended.


Wearing a face-covering is optional. The nanny will want to decide whether they wish to wear one or not. If a nanny decides to wear one, they should read the detailed information that is attached to this article for more information on how to care for the children that are in their charge.

Clear Communication

There needs to be clear communication on all levels at all times. Issues that need to be talked about will need to be attended to right away.


If there are any symptoms in the nanny, they should not come to work. Likewise, if there are symptoms in the family, they should self-isolate too. It will be a good idea for all involved to get a test for the virus.

Some Advice On Interviewing

Social distancing is important when interviewing. That means that the nanny, the people in the family, and the children need to stay 6-feet apart. This way they will not spread the germ if they have it. They will also want to wash their hands regularly, especially when the nanny first arrives. Clean any surfaces that are going to be touched during the interview. Where facemasks if needed.

Hiring a nanny during the pandemic is possible. Nannies are worth their weight in gold so people should look at the tips above when they are thinking about hiring a nanny for their needs so that they can be safe.

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