Mobilane’s Outdoor Products

Architects and building designers will be approaching their commercial landscaping projects with a greater focus on environmentalism in their building needs and constructions. Here we will take a closer look at three special designs from Mobilane that will play a role in integrating modern cities with natural environments.


LivePanel is an innovative design feature that creates vertical landscaping possibilities. As its name implies, LivePanel is a sustainable living wall that can be applied indoors and outdoors. These impressive systems are becoming incredibly popular and are making the urban jungle more green and vibrant.

A LivePanel can effectively transform a cold old wall into warm and vibrant space. This modular wall system include cassettes that can be exchanged as needed and hold individual wall plants in small cups. Each row of cassettes will be placed in its own duct rail that pulls in water from the duct through a capillary system.

LivePanel is applied in a wide variety of vertical landscaping solutions. All types of walls can be fitted with this intelligent landscaping idea.

Advantages of the LivePanel Landscape Solution

  • Modular system
  • Exchangeable cassettes
  • Easy installation and quick assembly
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Noise-reducing properties
  • Low water consumption
  • Low odour
  • Low maintenance
  • Thermal insulation advantages
  • Compact construction
  • Contributes to biodiversity
  • Contributes to a healthy climate
  • Produces oxygen and captures dust

Green Screen

When it comes to protecting the home from the prying eyes of your neighbours, there is nothing like a green hedge. The only problem is that it requires plenty of time for the hedge to mature to the point that it is a protective barrier that can offer privacy. With Mobilane’s Green Screen, all the waiting is a thing of the past. Each individual panel can be installed very quickly and it will look as if the screen has been standing for many years.

How does this work? Mobilane’s Green Screen is a metal grid that is covered with vegetation. They include a plant rooted in a biodegradable pot holding healthy compost, once the plant pout grows the pot it will begin to take root in the soil below.

Because everyone is different and wants their own type of hedge, Mobilane offers different types for hedges for every want and desire. This can help discerning home-owners to choose the perfect aesthetics for their garden. A green screen lovingly housed in a wooden crate is a marvelous addition to any balcony or patio.

Mobilane’s Green Screen Advantages:

  • Hedge provides privacy
  • High-quality fencing with 10-year guarantee
  • Low Maintenance
  • Can be planted throughout the year, except during frost periods
  • SSuitable divider for the surroundings
  • Available in different heights, depending on plant variety
  • Contributes to biodiversity
  • Posts and fixing materials also available
  • Reduces air pollution


It is not easy to set apart space for greenery and vegetation in your average urban areas. So, using a MobiRoof green roofing system means you will not have to waste time waiting for this. MobiRoof works with rows of sedum seeding cassettes that are clicked together. It is a completely green roof and the best thing to place on top of your garage, garden house, storage facilities and many other types of buildings.

This unique system is available in a variety of sedum plants and has a special design that allows it to use rain water efficiently. The best thing about this roof is that the individual cassettes can be replaced and this makes you roof perfectly suited to your needs.

MobiRoof Properties

  • The cassettes of nontoxic polypropylene
  • Water retention and drainage characteristics
  • Reduce rainwater run off
  • A mixture of various sedum species.
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Contributes to biodiversity
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