Pros and Cons of Business Self Storage

When running a business, you will most likely have to store things. depending on the type of business, it can be something as simple as a laptop, notebook, and pen, to boxes of inventory, equipment and files. For a fledgeling business, storage is a big concern because it is a hurdle that they have to deal with, and the issue gets worse with time.

Most businesses are usually advised to rent a storage camberley unit from the local centre to deal with this problem. But some concerns come with this option. This is why the article is going to look at the pros and cons of using self-storage, and some of the things you need to consider.

Cons of Business Self Storage

It can be difficult to find things: If things are not organised well in the storage unit, you will have a hard time finding things in the self-storage unit. It doesn’t have any storage solutions like racks, it is just the floor and ceiling, and four walls. You can go and buy storage solutions, but many choose to use stackable boxes and labels. This can work when starting, but you are going to struggle when trying to find something. You will have a hard time unless you have some form of inventory system.

Not everything can be stored: There are rules you have to follow when using self-storage facilities, and they have a list of things you cannot store. You aren’t allowed to store things such as unregistered vehicles, hazardous materials, perishables, weapons, plants, chemicals and live animals. This is not a big deal, but if your business needs to store one of the things not allowed, then you will be forced to look for another solution.

Expense: There are costs that come with renting a storage unit. The costs tend to be low and reasonable, but many businesses cannot justify such expenses. The bigger the space you need, the more you can expect to pay. The good thing about it is it is going to be way cheaper to rent a self-storage space compared to renting an office.

Pros of Business Self Storage

The article is going to end on a positive note, and this covers the advantages you can expect when you rent a self-storage unit for your business.

A wide range of options: Self-storage unit comes in different shapes and sizes, which is the biggest selling point. This means you will most likely find one that works for you. Every storage centre is going to provide you with several options to choose from. Most of them offer units ranging from the size of a locker to the size of a double garage, and in between.

Flexibility: Self-storage was designed with flexibility in mind, which is going to benefit your business a lot. If you just need storage space for a short time, it is a great option. You can choose a contract done weekly, which means you can use the storage space as long as you need, and you can leave easily without any notice.

Easy access: A self-storage space provides you with a storage solution where you can easily access your stored items at any time of the day. The process is not complicated, which makes accessing your storage space easy and quick. You will be given an entry code or key to enter inside. You will be the only one with access to the unit. Most units are open for long hours, and some even have 24-hour access.

Security: Self-storage facilities have invested a lot in security because they want to ensure the safety of belongings. You will have peace of mind knowing your stuff are safe from theft and harm. Some of the security measures include unique locks, CCTV, controlled access, security guards, etc. Choose a storage facility that has the level of security you need.

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