The Benefits Of Using Drum Pumps

When it comes to selecting laboratory pumps, you may want to know why many people choose hand pumps or electric drum pumps? The drum pumps offer a way to safely and easily transfer different types of fluids from drums, barrels, or other types of storage vessels, to a maximum capacity of 200 litres. The manually-operated hand pumps are flexible and economical. These pumps are commonly used for transferring fuel or water from a container into a tank and to pump alkalis, oils, alcohol, acids, or detergents from tanks, carboys, or drums.

What Is A Drum Pump?

Drum pumps feature a design that offers a safe and easy method to dispense or transfer just about any type of chemicals from a container such as a drum or a barrel. Drum pumps are also commonly referred to as barrel pumps. Various types of models, lengths, accessories, and tubes have been made available to match up to different industry requirements. Some of these pumps operate on a manual operation where plungers, levers, or handles are used to dispense fluids.

How Do Drum Pumps Work?

Drum pumps operate by installing a narrow tube into the opening on a drum from the top. The tube also contains a shaft (vertical). Drum pumps also come with small motors that attach to this shaft, which operates on either a DC or AC electric motor. The drum pump is turned on by the motor once the switch is activated. Once actuated, the pumping mechanism starts from the bottom of the tube. This action draws the content out of a container or barrel. The bottom of this tube uses either a rotor or a centrifugal-pump impeller. Some of the drum pump models are operated manually with the use of a crank. Manual turning is also possible with the use of piston pumps. Most drum pumps are often used interchangeably, while some models are hard-wired into either a barrel or drum.

The Advantages Of Drum Pumps

Drum pumps offer a useful and practical method to transfer or empty out liquids stored in drums. Another primary benefit has to do with the extensive range of subtleties that both the electric-operated and hand-operated drum-pumps have. Other advantages include portability, been able to hard-pipe the pump into a system, and they are available in non-metallic and metallurgic materials that lower the likelihood of corrosion when using a pump with corrosive chemicals or liquids.

Drum pumps are available in hand-operated models, or can also include electric-driven, variable-speed, and air-operated motors. These motors can be batch-controlled to facilitate automatic-dispensing according to preset volumes. Some of these motors are also explosion-proof. The tubing material of the pumps is also important to ensure it is compatible with the liquids or chemicals that run through the tubes. Tubing materials include stainless steel, PVDF, or plastic. Drum pumps also offer long or short tube lengths along with large or small container capacities. The mixing drum pump ensures that the ingredients are homogenised and properly mixed and to pump the materials in the same operation.

Hand Pump Benefits

The manually-operated pumps are among the most economical and simplest models. These include hand-operated, rotary, siphon, piston, and diaphragm pumps. These models are crafted from low-cost plastics, PTFE, or stainless steel. Some of the manually-operated pumps are made for pumping particulate-laden or shear sensitive fluids. Vacuum pumps that are hand-operated are also commonly used in different types of laboratories to test for leaks, siphoning, filtration, and more.

Reasons To Use A Drum Pump

Compatibility: Drump pumps are available with different types of tubing materials to match up to your application.

Flexibility: The adapters that come with drum pumps means you can use the pump on containers of different shapes and sizes.

Safe Options: The air-operated drum pumps are commonly used when electrical-power is unsafe or impractical. Hand-operated pumps are usually the best option when using disposable pumps.

Economical: There are many drum pumps and hand pumps available on the market for users on a budget.

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