Tips for Buying the Right Plus Size Activewear

Activewear is a minefield, and it should involve balancing style and function. There is no point in putting on a bra that looks amazing but doesn’t do the job of keeping everything firm and in place. The principle used in buying shapewear applies to activewear too. How weight is supported by the body has been liked to shoulder, back, and pelvic pain. When being active, it is important to think about support.

What is it for?

The first question you need to ask when buying activewear is what are you going to use if for? Running, tennis, walking, and cycling are some examples. They can come in handy in many activities that might not be related to exercising. When choosing a garment, you will need to look at the surroundings and the impact the activity has. How many layers are you going to wear? how long are you going to wear it? How bouncy are you going to be

Low Impact

If you plan on doing a low impact activity like cycling, walking, and yoga, keep in mind it is going to be about the layers. These activities are low impact, but you will be wearing your activewear for a long time. You need to get a sturdy base later, then look for a loose fit for the outer layers because you want to be comfortable. You don’t need bras with extra underwiring; you can choose wide and stretchy straps because they are more comfortable.

Mixed Impact

If you go to the gym regularly or a sports enthusiast, then you most likely mix things up switching between low impact and high impact activities. A workout in the gym or a game of tennis will involve both high impact and low impact phases. It is best to dress for a high impact because you don’t want to sustain injuries in the process.

High Impact

When running or doing something that forces you to run (football, tennis, and netball), you need to put on high impact activewear. You will need to look at additional support in your bra, but that is not the only thing. Look for bras with wide and padded shoulder straps because they are going to provide additional support. There are two ways of doing this; getting extra silicon underwiring or layering with a supportive sports vest.

Key Features

What features do you need to consider when looking for plus size activewear? The first thing is wicking and breathability. You will feel more comfortable in them compared to cotton fabrics. Sportswear brands invest heavily in design research, which is why you will find that most of them have been designed with such things in mind. Elle Courbee is an inspiring designer of activewear and shows diversity and versatility through her designs.


Sports bras perform well when they have wide shoulder bands. Padded straps are the best option because they provide additional support to the shoulder. Go with a fitted bodysuit or longer tops as an over layer because it will ensure the activewear remains put the entire time.


Whether you prefer capri pants, leggings, lose-fit yoga pants, or shorts, go for a high waist. This ensures the bottoms have been anchored properly and are not going to budge. A wide waistband provides support to your core while you remain secure


This is where the support starts. The more supportive your underwear is, the better. Go with long shorts because you don’t have to worry about chafing. Wide banded briefs will also prevent the shifting of the underwear

Cold Weather

You need to prepare for the days when the weather turns. Your base layer is going to be the same, but the layers need to be looser fit long layers.

When choosing activewear, stick to the principles of shopping for shapewear. Build layers, size well, and choose wide anchor bands on the waist, shoulder, and breast. The only thing that will remain is choosing the colour and patterns!

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